VOLCANIC CONSTRUCTION-MINING self containment/extinction/sealing build-up, with encircling channeling, with top unobstructed multi directional exit, can rise as high as 55km to build lower temperature Venus mountain-sky cities, as 11 km Venus Mount Maxwell or as 21 km Mars Mount Olympus. Also applied on Earth to build mountains/islands as Mount Fuji or Hawaii Islands.

Venus/Earth volcano management for mining, geothermal energy, building mountains/islands, controlling flow of lava and gases. Volcano eruption occurs from explosion by absence of depressurizing lava/gas/air pockets piping/channels/tunnels. Sandaeropipe laser piping (circular vertical laser formation) above volcano can contain explosions/gases creating low/high atmosphere heat flow/exchange/condensation.
Venus/Earth laser pipe, circular vertical laser formation, above volcano can create a quasi-vacuum hot to cold, low to high atmosphere heat flow exchange, condensation, removing CO2, pollution and heat.

High temperature drill can open straight top exit and/or side mining exit. Volcanoes can produce sulfur, aluminum, diamonds, gold, nickel, lead, zinc, copper, general build-up material etc. Polar ice-meltdown and Volcano-magma can be controlled by multi-channel flow/depressurization used also for hydro/geothermal energy production, mining/irrigation,controlled ice/magma flow pyramid construction.

Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions can be avoided by volcanic-mining air-sealed tunnel-channels to use lava to seal/weld tectonic plate faults/trenches, reducing movement that generates earthquakes, reducing pressure on molten lava and air-gas mixture explosions that generate volcanic eruptions. Lava can be tunnel-channeled to bury a volcano into extinction with cone mountain formation. Only air-sealed tunnel-channel mining will access molten lava and relief eventual/remaining fault seal-weld brake/pressure.
Fuj Gcity (Fuji)
Oly Gcity
Max Gcity
Chi Gcity (Chimborazo)